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Phone: (610) 994-0909

We Can Make Your Home Healthier, Safer, More Comfortable, and More Efficient

Home Energy and Comfort is a like a team of doctors for your home. We are the FIRST and ONLY BPI GoldStar Contractor in Southeast Pennsylvania focused on whole house performance improvements. And we prioritize you and your family's HEALTH and SAFETY FIRST!

Are you, your home, and/or your family experiencing symptoms such as hot or cold rooms, high utility bills, drafts, moisture issues, or something that just doesn’t seem right? Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) trained and certified professionals can help you identify and diagnose the problems through a Comprehensive Energy Audit (CEA). A CEA for your home is like a visit to your doctor’s office when you’re not feeling well. We provide this service to homeowners in our area.

Once we have a detailed analysis, we can then create a customized plan of action for you and your home, complete with prescriptive measures. We’ll even prioritize the recommendations in terms of what is most critical and what is most important to you and your family. Let one of our BPI certified energy advisors help start your plan today!

In addition to being more comfortable and saving money, home performance improvements can provide many other benefits to families and the homes they live in. Improved air quality through the reduction of high moisture levels, pollen, and allergens can help improve the health of a home’s occupants, especially those with asthma or respiratory issues. Our Energy Audit can alert homeowners to issues like mold, carbon monoxide, or gas leaks. And by following the recommendations in your Home Performance Proposal you will not only add value to your home but also lower both the short and long term maintenance costs!

We offer a 5% discount to anyone in the military, fire, police, medical, and education professions and are grateful to them for their service. We also offer a 5% senior citizen’s discount and a 5% discount to first time home buyers. Call or Click TODAY!

Learn More About Energy Efficiency and Making Your Home Healthier and More Comfortable!